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Aray’s Second Birthday

Aray had a birthday on May 29th, 2012. We celebrate just with our family, my mother, my father, my grandmother, aunty, cousins and mba.

I ordered Red Velvet Cake with Thomas theme from dapurQ.

Aray got fourcycle from my mother and Angry Bird game from me for his present.

He was so happy and amazed when he saw the Thomas Cake.

We are so happy…


4 thoughts on “Aray’s Second Birthday”

  1. arya, barokallah ya sayang…semoga jadi anak sholeh kebanggan keluarga ^_^nanti kalo udah cukup umur kita ke dufan sama syady, naik tornado kayak ibu syady dan ayah bunda arya dulu ^___^

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