Experiment, Out of the box

It’s true..

what the magazines had told me…If you want to sight seing at the mall, you have to wear comfortable shoes.

Last friday, my plan was searching a book that I want. And TImes bookstore was my target. I think that I will find the book. I wore my chocolate shoes. Hmm I think it’s comvy, but in fact it doesn’t comvy at all. After 2 hours walking, my feet was getting frustated . My toes was hurt. The soes was killing me...I want to go home right away..!!!!

After I arrived at home, quickly i boiled water to “heal the pain”. My feet was getting better…I just realize that you have to pay attention to the shoes that you wear. And…where you want to go. If you want to walk all day long, please choose the best and comfortable shoes that you have…


1 thought on “It’s true..”

  1. Tentu saja Hal tersebut Amat Sangat Benar sekali mbak………Sneakers selalu menjadi pilihan tepat untuk menemani kaki melangkah…….. The older is the better….(fufufufufu….)

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